Thomas Allen: The Hand That Feeds

Preview | Thursday 14 March 2024 | 6-8 PM


  • Thomas Allen (b.1989) creates meticulously rendered dreamscapes, which evoke an experience of hypnagogia (that transitional period between wakefulness and sleep) and situate his work at the threshold between abstraction and figuration. The entrancing rhythm of his repetitive mark-making, like a tally, traces the passage of time – time that is conspicuously layered into his works.

    Living and working in the UK, Allen’s practice is predominantly studio-based, though it has also involved site-specific projects comprising installation, performance and audience participation. The conceptual thinking behind Allen’s artwork is… More


Ronchini is proud to host The Hand That Feeds, a solo show of artworks by British artist Thomas Allen exploring how humanity relates to the environment through the act of consumption.

Showcasing both paintings and works on paper, this exhibition demonstrates how Allen moves between media to depict enchanting yet dramatic scenes. The strong theatricality of the artworks emphasises the tension between humans and the landscape. This relationship is explored both aesthetically – as the human figures are almost engulfed by their surroundings, being depicted in the same colours and patterns – and conceptually – as the artist considers how pleasure and destruction coexist within the act of consuming. There is a clear interest in the issue of environmental degradation, with references to the impact of mass consumption and overpopulation on the land we inhabit.

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