Tanya Ling: Tennis Club De Paris

Preview | Thursday 25 April 2024 | 6-8 PM


  • Tanya Ling (b. 1966, Calcutta, India) graduated from Central Saint Martins, London, in 1989. Post graduation, she worked as a designer in the Parisian fashion industry before returning to London in the early Nineties to set up a gallery, Bipasha Ghosh, with her husband William Ling. Following an exhibition of her own drawings, hosted in the studio of Gavin Turk in 1996, she became recognised as one of the world’s leading fashion illustrators. During the period she also designed and produced an eponymous ready-to-wear collection. The exhibition Lines (2014) with Alex Eagle marked her departure away from fashion.

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Tennis Club de Paris presents Tanya Ling’s art in full flow. At her outset, Ling began as a noted fashion illustrator (shades of Andy Warhol), for such luminaries as Louis Vuitton and Vogue. Subsequently, she shifted effortlessly and decisively from this long-past practice to the more exacting media of oil on canvas and ink on paper. Indeed, her graphic work is one earlier wellspring – no more or less – which helps fuel her pictorial syntheses. Common to fashion and art’s visuality are several key elements. In short, line, motion, stylish chromatic choices and the body’s lines of force. Significantly, Ling weaves these elements into the vivid compositions for her debut show at Ronchini. The figure once central to fashion has changed into non-figurative, albeit allusive, exuberance and fantastical flux.

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