Rebecca Ward

cow tipping


  • Rebecca Ward (b. 1984, Waco, TX) lives and works in New York. She received her BA in Fine Arts from University of Texas in 2006, and an MFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts, New York in 2012. More


Ronchini Gallery and ARTNESIA will present cow tipping the first major solo show by young American artist Rebecca Ward from 12 April to 18 May 2013. Featuring installation and painting, the exhibition consists entirely of new works, which continue the artist’s exploration of colour and space.

Referencing Arte Povera, Rebecca Ward rarely uses a brush when painting, instead preferring traditional and found materials. Using an eclectic range of media including bleach, acrylic, spray paint, gouache and fabric dye, Ward continues her investigation of the relationship between the painted surface and its base. Her paintings are a result of everyday questioning and experimentation within the studio. A perceptual play of colour, texture and light is set into motion by the viewer’s interaction with the work.


REBECCA WARD<br/>Cow Tipping

Cow Tipping

210 x 210mm, 56 pages, Hardcover (2013)

Rebecca Ward<br/>aphasia

Rebecca Ward

300 x 220 mm, 84 pages, Hardcover (2015)