• Paula Querido
    Thomas Allen
    Tanya Ling
    Kate Burling
    Josh Raz
    Channatip Chanvipava
    Rebecca Ward & Sandra Blow
    Jessica Wilson… More


For its 2024 exhibition programme – Nothing To See Here – Ronchini is presenting eight individual exhibitions linked together by an overarching theme of trendsetting artistic output.

The title phrase, often used to gently discourage the curious, has been knowingly reappropriated as an almost irresistible cue to the viewer – inviting them to explore and interrogate what’s not to see, as well as to ruminate on the way that ideas can influence public discourse.

This series of eight shows, six of which have been created by female artists, will showcase not only a range of exceptional topical artworks, but also shine a light on the role of the gallery when it comes to putting art front-of-mind within contemporary society.