Luigi Boille: Early Works


  • Luigi Boille (1926-2015) was an Italian artist who trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After moving and settling in Paris, he became associated with the Informal Art movement, inspired by the writings of French critic Michel Tapié. In 1964, he represented Italy together with Capogrossi, Castellani and Fontana at the Guggenheim International Award in New York. Boille took part in the Quadriennale in Rome in 1965 and 2011, and had a solo presentation of paintings at the 33rd Venice Biennale of Art in 1966. His work has been the subject of rediscovery since the retrospective at the… More


Ronchini is proud to present the first ever London solo exhibition of works by the lustrous Italian painter, Luigi Boille. Featuring works from the critical period of 1959-1960 in this distinguished artist’s impressive career, and brought together with the Estate of the Artist, this exhibition introduces key motifs that characterise his remarkable oeuvre.

After relocating from Rome to Paris in the early 1950s, Boille caught the attention of the influential art critic and theorist Michel Tapié who defined the unique melting pot of post-war art as “art autre”. Art Autre is a radical break from pre-war traditions and is defined by art that is free from political affiliations and with no pre-determined agenda. An international style, devoid of nationalist chauvinism and stylistic imperatives brought together Boille with such disparate artists such as Jackson Pollock and Jean Dubuffet.

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