Kate Burling: Softness as a Torrent

Preview | Tuesday 28 May 2024 | 6-8 PM


  • Burling’s work explores the tension between the ephemerality of life and the certainty of death. In much of her work the artist applies what she describes as a bodily approach to materiality by painting with her fingers and the palms of her hands, thus blurring the distinction between herself and the subject. She uses the texture of woven canvas to rub pigment beneath the surface, bringing her subjects out of focus. Where edges soften, the artist reveals luminous under-paintings which form hazy halos around her central subjects.

    Burling is interested in the encounter between sharp, rough objects and the softness… More


Ronchini is proud to host Softness as a Torrent, a solo show of artworks by British artist Kate Burling exploring ideas of divinity, symbolism and the ordinary.

In Softness as Torrent (2024), Kate Burling uses painting to investigate ideas of force and divinity, exploring through image-making how potency and gentleness might occupy the same space. The paintings receive dimensions and depth through a set of signs: shapes which repeat and differ. A smooth, disk-like circle reoccurs most often. Sometimes it is falling, flooding the image in swarms. Elsewhere their softened edges give way to another image: the ovular shape of a bell, the roundness of St. Sebastian’s nipple. Sharper forms take shape too, in the tubular arrows of ‘Sebastian With Trumpets’ (2024), or in a downpour, deflecting off the umbrella’s surface in ‘Me and You (Air-screw)’ (2024).

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