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Josh Raz | Trails Through a Reverie

Preview: Thursday 1 September, 6-8pm


  • Josh Raz

    Born 1993 in UK

    Lives and works in London, UK

    Josh Raz graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and currently resides in London. Since winning the Hix Award in 2016, Raz has produced three solo shows, ‘The Atrophy Experience’, Hix Gallery, London (2017), ‘Hubris and a Whimper’, Abject Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne (2018) and ‘Joyride’, Bermondsey Project Space (2021). He has been featured in GQ magazine (May 2017) and more recently in Artmaze Magazine (November 2021). Raz also completed a residency in Al Cuz Cuz, situated in the mountains of Malaga, Spain and



Ronchini is proud to present our first solo exhibition of London based artist Josh Raz. The exhibition titled Trails Through a Reverie portrays the correlation between individualism and connection with others. Raz depicts figures navigating environments warped in a grid of images and lines. These aesthetic qualities are mirrored by some of the more intimate concerns of Raz’s current work. His works address a cultural shift: from valuing external fact towards prioritising our individual emotions as a measure of reality; the idea that ‘if you feel it, then it is true’.

Working in oil on canvas, and often on a grand scale, Raz’s works are fully immersive. Landscapes contract and dilate, suggesting that any ground the figures walk upon is laid on precarious foundations. The physical instability of the ground is further enhanced by the disquieting and surreal aspects of the imagery, which oscillates between the familiar and the fabricated. This mystical and mysterious imagery allows viewers to enter a dreamlike and transcendental state, offering time for reflection and contemplation on one’s own position within the world we inhabit.