Josh Raz | Trails Through a Reverie


  • Josh Raz

    Josh Raz (b.1993) graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and currently resides in London. Since winning the Hix Award in 2016, Raz has produced three solo shows, ‘The Atrophy Experience’, Hix Gallery, London (2017), ‘Hubris and a Whimper’, Abject Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne (2018) and ‘Joyride’, Bermondsey Project Space (2021). He has been featured in GQ magazine (May 2017) and more recently in Artmaze Magazine (November 2021). Raz also completed a residency in Al Cuz Cuz, situated in the mountains of Malaga, Spain and has participated in a number of group shows, including



Ronchini is proud to present our first solo exhibition of London based artist Josh Raz. In ‘Trails Through a Reverie’, figures are presented as haemorrhages on a landscape, or as conduits for paths between two planes of a landscape’s strata. At times, the landscape appears to blossom from the subjects’ bodies, imbuing each with corresponding formal reactions. The paintings often depict the same moments within the same landscapes as experienced by different figures. They consider how a landscape may be internalised and changed through the experiences of different individuals within the same collective narrative.

Much as the land is permeated with a thousand histories, forgotten as they are buried beneath the new, the surface of each painting overlays a chronology of imaginings. Some of these are explored through prose within three accompanying texts. They divulge a haze of latent moments and images that dwell between each painting. They are forks in the road to be taken or to be ignored entirely.