Jens Wolf


  • Jens Wolf was born in 1967, Heilbronn, Germany and lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Working with painting on board, Wolf is inspired by the major abstract Modern movements on the 20th century. His work transcends this rich tradition by leaving traces of imperfection and uniqueness behind. Colour, geometry and symmetry are explored through his work. He graduated in 2001 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe under Helmut Dorner and Luc Tuymans. More


Ronchini Gallery is pleased to present the first UK solo exhibition of works by Berlin-based artist Jens Wolf. His geometric paintings on plywood panels explore colour, shape and flatness. The exhibition contains new works including a site-specific wall painting. Wolf is a key figure in the development of process art and from the same generation of artists such as Mark Grotjahn.

Taking inspiration from abstract movements of the 20th century, Jens Wolf directly references familiar motifs associated with artists such as Josef Albers and Frank Stella. In contrast to the hard-edged abstract works they reference, Wolf’s paintings deliberately contain imperfections. The natural grain of the plywood Wolf paints on gives his geometric forms a softer appearance; edges on lines are frayed and the sign of the artist’s hand in the making of the work is visible in unpainted areas with pencil lines. Obvious signs of distress occur in areas where the paint has been partially chipped away to reveal the raw surface underneath.


Jens Wolf

Jens Wolf

210 x 260mm, 52 pages, Hardcover (2015)