Italian Beauty



Italian Beauty is a curatorial project with the critical aim of investigating the idiosyncrasies of Italian art of the mid-20th and 21st centuries, by comparing artists from different generations joined by a common thread. The title Italian Beauty refers to the level of research and interest in the shape, completeness, and unity that characterised Italian art in the past.

This show highlights a shared emphasis on the mode of creation and contrasts the artists’ disparate techniques and concerns with art historical and classical influences. The works investigate the importance of production as an influence on the creative process. Bianchi’s low level intervention, abstract work with wax, and Paolini’s studies into the act of exhibiting are contextualised by Ponti’s statement when he was awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris Expo 1925, ‘industry is the style of the 20th century, its mode of creation.’


Italian Beauty

Italian Beauty

210 x 210mm, 52 pages, Hardcover (2012)