Group Exhibition

I Rossori Dell’Arte (The Redness of Art)


Ronchini is pleased to present I Rossori Dell’Arte (The Redness of Art), a modern reimagining of the milestone exhibiton of the same name by Galleria d’Arte Niccoli, in Parma in 1990.

Showchasing a range of works from the past and present, this exhibition explores the vibrancy, dynamism, and power of the colour red in contemporary art.  Phsychologically and historically, red as the colour of blood is associated with adventure, passion, power, and bravery, all feelings with an exciting and sexy allure which artists from across the ages have tried to conjure  in their works.

I Rossori Dell’Arte will present artists who offer a nostalgic look at Ronchini’s past and offers viewers a glimpse into the artists that we anticipate will dominate the scholarly artistic discourse in the future. Featuring new works, most of which were created especially for the exhibition, by: Rebecca Ward, Berndnaut Smilde, Jens Wolf, Domenico Bianchi, Jacob Hashimoto, Felice Levini, Lucy Mullican, Giuseppe Gallo, Emilia Momen, Josh Raz, Paolo Serra, Artan Shalsi, Erica Timothy, Gianpietro Carlesso, and Jessica Wilson, this exhibition juxtaposes the recent works with red masterpieces from the past by: Alighiero Boetti, Luigi Boille, Enrico Castellani, Paul Jenkins, Katsumi Nakai, and Otto Piene all of whom hold a special place in the history of Ronchini.

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