Christopher Kuhn: As I Live and Breathe


  • Christopher Kuhn (b.1977) is a Chicago born artist, who lives and work in Los Angeles. His works combine gestural abstraction with geometrical design and are composed to invite the viewers to take pleasure in slow consumption. Each work begins spontaneously, moving forward without a specific plan. The finished composition achieves a balance between conscious decision making and the chaos of the impulsive mark, where mistakes become stepping stones in the journey towards resolution. Brushwork that might represent the earliest beginnings of the piece appear as though they were finishing touches, laid on towards the end.

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Ronchini Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of American artist Christopher Kuhn in the UK, following on from the success of Ronchini Gallery’s group show Hashtag Abstract, featuring Kuhn in 2015.

Kuhn’s work demonstrates the juxtaposition of intuition verses strategy, with undulating free formed abstraction alongside fastidious hand-drawn lines. His works are initially made with a fast, energetic motion, which he describes as a natural response that is outside of his control. He then analyses that outcome to create a controlled composition, utilising geometry and manipulating the energy of the paint.

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