Annan Affotey


  • Annan Affotey was born in 1985 in Accra, Ghana.

    After graduating from Ghanatta College of Art and Design winning Best Student of Still Life, Best Imagination and Composition, and Best Abstract Drawing awards, Annan joined the Revolution Art Organization and displayed his work in several group and solo exhibitions in Accra.  In 2013, Annan helped found the African Young Artist Organization (AYAO), an organization dedicated to supporting African youth in the arts through programs and exhibitions. Annan lived in Wisconsin from 2014-2019 and currently lives in Oxford, UK.

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Ronchini is proud to present the first European solo exhibition by Ghanaian born, British based artist, Annan Affotey. Featuring the artist’s striking ‘red-eye’ paintings, this exhibition will introduce the European audience to the large scale, bright portraiture that has commanded the artist’s recent practice.

Initially beginning as a semi-abstract painter, after the birth of his son, Affotey yearned for a way to provide a voice for the marginalised, and he began to paint portraits of friends and relatives in an effort to re-frame and re-examine the context of people of colour in society. The arresting red-eyes are suggestive of a full life, with emotions and stories that transcend the colour of their skin.

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