Group Exhibition

All That Matters Is What’s Left Behind


On view at Ronchini Gallery, London, All That Matters Is What’s Left Behind, brings together a distinct group of young international artists with their individually identifiable abstract works. Artists include: Alex Clarke, Phoebe Collings-James, Ziggy Grudzinskas, Prem Sahib, Rebecca Ward and Jens Wolf.

All That Matters Is What’s Left Behind explores the act of the artist ‘leaving their mark’ as a work of art. From hand-drawn scrawls, to bodily imprints and lyrical abstractions, the elements of human imperfection find expression within the individuals’ works of art.

The works reflect on the artistic process alongside the completed art form; the manipulation of materials in order to extract meaning is evident within the work. Created in a gestural style solely by each artist’s own hand and eye, imperfections add to the physicality of the work, creating a visual experience which actively engages the viewer in the artistic process, continually reminding us of the artists’ bodily presence.


All That Matters Is What’s Left Behind

All That Matters Is What’s Left Behind

210 x 260mm, 48 pages, Hardcover with slipcase (2014)