Oliver Clegg

b. 1980


Oliver Clegg (b. 1980, Guildford) is a British artist based in New York, who works between two and three-dimensional disciplines. Clegg is a purist when it comes to working with natural light, and obsessive about the quality of his materials. Constantly looking for surfaces and subjects that have the potential to inspire an indefinite narrative, Oliver Clegg creates ambiguous paintings, which pertain a sense of belonging to an older generation. 

Play is a motif that runs throughout Clegg’s work. The artworks speak of private nostalgias, evoking the commonly held experience of the moment when child ‘gives up’ a toy when growing up. He questions what the present owes to the past, and the ultimate future that awaits us, using figuration for his basis of abstraction.

Inspired by the classical Baroque motives, vanities, chiaroscuro and a dramatic sense of theatre, Oliver Clegg’s paints life as a see-saw that tips between tragedy and comedy, opting a more macabre and psychologically disturbing appearance. 


2017 Art Dubai Contmporary , Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai, United Arabs Emirates

2016 Everything Should Be OK,  Lawrie Shabibi, New York, USA

2015 Hashtag Abstract, Ronchini Gallery, London

2012 Art of Chess, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, UK

2011 A Nights Move, Freud Museum, London, UK (solo)

Some domestic incidents, Prague Biennale, Czech Republic