Kate Burling

b. 1998


Burling’s work explores the tension between the ephemerality of life and the certainty of death. In much of her work the artist applies what she describes as a bodily approach to materiality by painting with her fingers and the palms of her hands, thus blurring the distinction between herself and the subject. She uses the texture of woven canvas to rub pigment beneath the surface, bringing her subjects out of focus. Where edges soften, the artist reveals luminous under-paintings which form hazy halos around her central subjects.

Burling is interested in the encounter between sharp, rough objects and the softness of the human body, which reminds her of the fleeting nature of time and the inescapability of the body’s vulnerable materiality. She creates her very own phantasmagoria of fleshy forms unfolding, weaving and gliding into devotional scenes, where the self dissolves into its fluid surroundings.


2023 The Rain Has Changed, Nosbaum Reding Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Chasing Elsewhere, Fiumano Clase, London, UK

All The Small Things, Soup Gallery, London, UK

Goodeye Project End of Residency Show, Christie’s London, UK

2022 ROE, Satellite Store, London, UK

Second Expression, SPLIT Gallery, London, UK

Nothing has Changed, Everything has Changed, Elysium Gallery (BEEP Painting Biennial), Swansea, Wales, UKUn/Sense, Christie’s, London, UK

Un/Sense, Christie’s, London, UK

A Material World, Liliya Art Gallery, London, UK

Sugarcoated, Changing Room Gallery, London, UK

In Awe of You, Liliya Art Gallery, London, UK

2020 Eclipse of a Dodgy Lamp, GUTS Gallery, London, UK

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