Jade van der Mark

b. 1990


Jade van der Mark (Bergen, the Netherlands, 1990) is a Dutch Contemporary figurative artist. Based between Amsterdam and London, she is a self- taught female painter that examines the dichotomy of crowds and human intimacy.

Her large-scale group portraits of cities’ inhabitants highlight issues of overpopulation, greed, burnouts and oppression. The colourful and lively figures remind us of a shared humanity. Thereby, the works are a colourful reflection on the fast-paced city lives of the city’s people. Each work is telling the story of strangers, who don’t know they’re being painted, but are brought together to create a unified story of our world.

In her works, van der Mark uses cities and crowds as a source of inspiration, sketching in the heart of the capital and documenting the vibrancy of urban life. Her large-scale portraits of cities’ inhabitants highlight issues of overpopulation, isolation, greed and oppression,
while through colourful and lively figures her works remind us of our shared humanity. Playful but profound, her paintings make the mundane vibrant and beautiful, with an edge of melancholia.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 Collection Jade van der Mark Spring / Summer 2024, Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2022 Empty Spaces, Ronchini, London, UK

2022 Untitled Art, Ronchini, Miami, US

2021 Share and Rule, Vroom & Varossieau, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Dallas Art Fair, Ronchini, Dallas, US

2023 The Armory Show, Ronchini, New York, US

2022 Carnivals of Clouds, Janet Rady Fine Art, London, UK

2022 Andrea Festa Fine Art at Future Fair, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome, Italy

2022 Roma Arte in Nuvola, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome, Italy

2022 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Shanghai, China

2022 Bienvenue, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Paris, France

2022 Art Brussels, Ronchini, Brussels, Belgium

2022 Zona MACO, Ronchini, Mexico City, Mexico