David Mramor

b. 1984, Cleveland, Ohio


David Mramor (b. 1984, Cleveland, Ohio). David Mramor lives and works in New York.  He received his BFA from Ohio University, and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York.  He has exhibited throughout the United States, including at Maurizio Cattelan’s New York Gallery, Family Business. Mramor works with deconstructing images, simplifying surfaces into colour and form. He works with basic ideas, photographs or memories such as flowers from his mother’s garden or retro American pop stars. These images are digitally manipulated and become the surfaces for his paintings. The only evidence of the original image is in the title of the works. He places gestures, collages materials, draws and tapes on top of the photographic images; the original images thus become open to interpretation non-objectivity and abstraction.


2017 Flaming June VII (Flaming Creatures),  Gavlak, Los Angeles, USA

2016 David Mramor: Pink Pillows featuring Adriane Schramm & Janine Iversen , Louis B. James Gallery, Lower East Side, USA

The Woman Destroyed , P.P.O.W

Pilkington – Olsoff Fine Arts, Inc., Chelsea, USA

2014 Kreëmart / David Mramor at Art in General Gala , Kreëmart, New York, USA

David Mramor: Venus , Louis B. James, New York, USA

2013 All F@**#ing Summer , Gavlak, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

2012 TIME after TIME, Ronchini Gallery, London