Christopher Kuhn



Christopher Kuhn (b.1977) is a Chicago born artist, who lives and work in Los Angeles. His works combine gestural abstraction with geometrical design and are composed to invite the viewers to take pleasure in slow consumption. Each work begins spontaneously, moving forward without a specific plan. The finished composition achieves a balance between conscious decision making and the chaos of the impulsive mark, where mistakes become stepping stones in the journey towards resolution. Brushwork that might represent the earliest beginnings of the piece appear as though they were finishing touches, laid on towards the end.

For his new work exhibited at Ronchini Gallery, Christopher Kuhn studied the techniques and devices that Old Masters employed, such as the 17th century Dutch painter Gerrit Dou, in creating the illusion of depth while accentuating the flatness of the picture plane.


2018 Beyond Appearances, Galerie Bessieres, Chatou, France

2017 EXPO Chicago, Ronchini Gallery, Chicago, USA

As I Live and Breathe , Ronchini Gallery, London, UK

Sleight of Hand,  Geary Contemporary, New York, USA

Buzz, Pop, Color, Brainworks Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Abstract in the Singular, Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, USA

Abstract Miniatures, Fine Art Complex1101, Tempe, USA

2016 La Nuit s’Ouvre,  BLAM Projects, Los Angeles, USA

2015  Hashtag Abstract, Ronchini Gallery, London, UK

2014 Sunny Side Up , FIELD Contemporary, Vancouver, Canada

Material Witness , Sonce Alexander Gallery, Culver City, California, USA