Domenico Bianchi


  • Born in 1955, Domenico Bianchi now lives and works in Rome. After his studies at the Fine Art Academy in Rome, he made his entrance into the art world in 1977 with his first solo show for Ugo Ferranti at the Fine Art Building in New York. For this show, he presented twenty drawings of wax, cardboard, wood and canvas.

    In the 80’s, Bianchi became one of the emerging artists of the so-called La Nuova Scuola Romana and he exhibited his work along together with the Arte Povera artists: Kounellis, Mario and Marisa Merz, and Pistoletto, among others. Their artistic… More


Ronchini Gallery is pleased to present the first UK solo exhibition of works by the renowned Italian artist, Domenico Bianchi. Working in wax, precious metals, wood, and oil paint, Bianchi laboriously pours, carves, shapes, and successively layers molten materials by hand into graceful, organic, abstract shapes, which then harden to become a multi-sensory paintings.

Born in 1955 in Rome, Bianchi became one of the emerging artists of La Nuova Scuola Romana, where he exhibited his work alongside fellow Arte Povera artists such as: Jannis Kunellis, Mario and Marisa Merz, and Michelangelo Pistoletto, amongst others. Bianchi was specifically influenced by these artists’ artistic approach to spatiality, which still influences his current practice.

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