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Berndnaut Smilde

Artist Berndnaut Smilde was born in 1978 in Groningen, The Netherlands. He currently lives and works in in Amsterdam. Smilde’s work consists of installations, sculptures and photos. Using his daily surroundings and spaces as inspiration, Smilde is interested in the temporal nature of construction and deconstruction. His work refers to both the physical state of a building as well as a moment of revelation that depicts either hope or fragility.  Smilde analyses spaces and their appearance and takes them apart to investigate their unique details and features. His artistic point of view often centers on duality. His works question: inside and outside, temporality, size, the function of materials and architectural elements.

Smilde holds an MA from the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen.  Awards include a start stipend form The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. He was a resident artist at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 2008. 

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The artist Berndnaut Smilde would like to notify any interested parties that he is no longer associated with the gallery MIM in Istanbul and its associates Mehmet Ali Hatemi and Hikmet Mizanoglu.

Any claim by this gallery or its representatives of any agreements of representation of the artist is fraudulent, as no contractual arrangements are in place.

Due to uncertainty over the sale and legitimacy of Nimbus Cukurcuma Hamam I, the artist would kindly ask any collectors who have purchased works from this gallery or from these individuals to get in touch with Ronchini Gallery as soon as possible to authenticate and clarify transactions that may have not been conducted in good faith.